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Advanced Whitening Night Cream
Advanced Whitening Night Cream
RM 258.00
Net Contain: 15ML

Product Description

Containing high concentrations of vitamins A, E and F. During the repair process, maintain moisture lost enabling it to endure environmental pollution and temperature.
This unique combination of plant nourishing antioxidant factors, effectively improve the lymphatic circulation, preventing exceptional accumulation of melanin. Metabolism of rough aged skin and effectively diluting the thick accumulated melanin in the short period, leaving skin smoother and fairer.
Main Ingredients:
Melissa Officinalis, Limonum(Lemon) Peel, Matricaria Extract


此独特综合滋养植物抗氧素,有效改善淋巴循环不佳,防止黑色素异常推积, 代谢粗糙老化的角质,有效在短期内淡化厚积的黑色素,使斑变浅变光滑。
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