By : Elaine Wong 38yrs old

I was facing a serious peeling off, redness, dry, itchy and burn on my skin within a week when i first came back from USA, I knew something was not right! I take no chance and rush to Me Jen Wellness to seek for help.
Further analysis shown that I have serious damage on my skin barrier, which cause my skin has serious peel off and pain every time when i cleaned my face. As per advice, in order to cooling down the skin, Me Jen Wellness has designed a full treatment for cooling, healing & repairing. After the 1st treatment, I felt that my skin has significant improvement, my skin was not so dry & itchy, the redness has reduced. Furthermore, they also designed a series of products for me to use it at home.
With the help from Me Jen Wellness, my skin was able to regenerate within 3 treatment.
Sincerely thanks to Me Jen Wellness for their help & advice.
  By : Cheryl Khiew 34yrs old



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