JY Beauty Hub was born in 2017 .

JY Beauty Hub is located at 3, jalan bestari 5/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai Johor Bahru. We started offering beauty, detox , SPA services with organic products. All along, we have the customer's health as a precondition. In addition, we also educate customers on how to have correct eating habits to make themselves lives healthy & beautiful!

Here, we have simple yet comfortable private space for you to enjoy the top quality organic facial, detox, SPA services. We firmly believe that human beauty and health are closely related. Therefore, we start to provide wellness treatment to solve clients' sub-health problem. We also provide Assorted flower tea to make you enjoy a beautiful and healthy life "internally & externally". 

JY Beauty Hub诞生于2017年。

JY Beauty Hub 位于士古来顺利花园2的店屋楼下。我们开始提供有机美容,排毒及SPA服务。一直以来,我们都以顾客的健康为前提。除了提供有机美容服务,我们也教育顾客如何以更正确的饮食习惯让自己更健康,更美丽!



Professional WELLNESS Treatment Services
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Neck and Shoulder Therapy, Women Health Therapy, Body Recuperate Therapy
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