Synergy Massage

  The Theory behind Frequency Clearance Device  

The theory behind this device is based on the therapeutic effect of electrical streamlines produced by the electrical frequency. This device isautomatically controlled by the computer. Made by using the state of the art semiconductor, the waveform produced will automatically detect and measure thefacial contour and the thickness of the muscle. It is safe and stable. The fluctuation of the electrical waves stimulates the skin to regenerates and realigned, thus achieving skin toning effect. 

This technique compliments the healthcare product as the influx of ions result in both part of the system working synergistically. It could move the sub-dermal molecules of the skin while removing some of the toxins onto the surface while improving blood circulation. The whole procedure can activates cellular vitality and regeneration.
  Peripheral Blood Circulation is the Foundation of Health  

Peripheral blood vessel is responsible for the transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The absorption of nutrients, the transport of chemical signal and excretion can only be possible with peripheral blood vessel. Thus, they are the health line of the organic life form. A clogged peripheral blood vessel could result in a hindered transport of nutrient, resulting in impaired function and structural death. The usual symptoms of impaired peripheral blood circulation includes numbness and coldness of the limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision and weak lower limbs. Impaired function of the peripheral circulation is often ignored due to its seemingly painless and unnoticed symptoms. If left untreated, it could be detrimental to the quality of health. According to research, peripheral circulation disorder is related to tinnitus, headache, high blood pressure, stroke and erectile dysfunction.
  The Importance of Muscle to Aging  

In countering the sagging of the skin, we found that mere anti-aging treatment on the dermis has limited effect. A proper diet coupled with facial muscle exercise is far more important. Normally, the absorbed nutrients will be transformed into protein and is broken down into amino acid, whereby it is utilized by the cell for regeneration. However, without proper protein, the skin will undergo the accelerated aging process, especially for the case of muscle and skin. The thickness of the skin, include both the dermis and epidermis is only 0.1 mm. Such thinness causes it to be affected by the sagging of the muscle easily.

Thus, it is imminent that exercise could preserve the smoothness of the skin, leaving it wrinkle free. For your information, the aging of facial tissue is faster than other bodily tissue and this applies to anyone. In terms of anti-aging and anti-sagging, a combination of nutrients with high bioavailability and exercise are needed.  






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