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Latest New Concept Beauty & Wellness Centre
JY Beauty Hub provide simple yet comfortable private space. We offering Unique Synergy Face & Neck Massage from ancient Rome, making use of pushing, stroking, tapping, pulling, kneading movements to stimulate nerve endings to relieves stress & tension. This can recharge your "mind energy" during facial treatment. Me Jen Wellness insist to use Ortus Organic Products for facial, detox & SPA services due to its top quality. Magical Effects of Meridian Treatment help recuperate the body according to each individual needs. An exclusive Europe origin assorted Flower Tea prepared for you here. Getting the beautiful life become so easy at Me Jen Wellness!
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JY Beauty Hub 
JY Beauty Hub设有简洁又舒适的私密空间。特别提供全柔独家的Synergy Massage。这是一个源自古罗马,借助推-揉-弹-提-捏的按摩手法来刺激神经反射从而达致快速舒缓压力和肌肉紧绷的特效,提升您的“心能量”。美真美容养生馆坚持使用世界顶级的有机美容品牌Ortus为您进行护肤,排毒及SPA护理。神奇效果的经络御术也依据您个人的需求为您量身定制来调理您的身体。享受了顶级的养颜养生服务,来杯独家配制的欧洲进口特调花茶,会让您惊觉要拥有亮丽人生,并非遥不可及啊!
When you feel physically tired, stomach discomfort, or sleepless nite. Pls do not hurry to open the medicine cabinet. You may prepare a 100% natural flower tea that belong to you. Just a few petal of flowers or leaves, adding with some boiling water, you can put your health in hand every day. Besides it can also bring you pleasure after a drink.
Professional FACE & BODY Treatment Services
Revitalise Eye Treatment, Neck Lymphatic Treatment, New Renewal Treatment, Oligo Minerals Face Treatment
Wellness Treatment 养生疗法

Wellness treatment improve immune system, lymphatic drainage, balance hormone, activate cells and improve blood circulation. 
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